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Wednesday, July 6, 2011




Kenya Utalii College in collaboration with University of Nairobi (Faculty of Arts) invites applications for September 2011 admission to the Module II programmes listed below:

1. Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
2. Bachelor of Arts in Travel and Tourism Management

Minimum Admission Requirements
i. K.C.S.E. with a C+ or equivalent.
ii. K.C.S.E. with a C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma or equivalent from a recognized post secondary institution.
iii. K.C.E./E.A.C.E Div. III/ Ordinary GCE or equivalent Plus a Diploma or equivalent from a recognized post secondary institution.
iv. K.A.C.E. or E.A.A.C.E/ Advanced GCE Certificate with one principal pass Plus a Diploma or equivalent from a recognised post secondary institution.
v. K.A.C.E. or E.A.A.C.E. certificate with two principal passes or equivalent.
vi. International Baccalaureate Diploma.
vii. A degree from a recognised University or equivalent.

Application Deadline: 29th July, 2011. [Early application advisable]. Lectures commence on 5th September, 2011. Reporting day will be communicated to you.
Tuition per Course Unit: B.A. –12,000/= Other Charges per Semester: Registration = 1,000/-, Library = 1,000/-, Computer/Lab charges (Annually) = 5,000/-, Student ID = 500/- (annually), Medical Emergency = 5,000/- (annually), Activity fee = 2,000/- (Annually), Examination fee = 500/- (per Unit), Students Union fee = 1,000/- (annually). Transport fee (from City Centre to Utalii and back) = 6,900/- (per semester-optional), Hospitality Management Lab fees = 4,500/- (per practical unit), Caution money = 5,000/- (once), Programme Development Fees = 5,000/- (once), Field Work fees refundable in fourth year (10,000/- once)
Lecture Times:–Weekdays 5.30p.m to 8.30 p.m.
Weekends 8.00a.m to 8.30 p.m. at Kenya Utalii College, Main Campus, Thika Road.

Application Procedure
Sets of Application Forms are available from University of Nairobi, Main Campus, and Gandhi Wing Building Room G3 for a non-refundable fee of Kshs.3,000/-. [Note: Non-Kenyans pay 25% more on all charges]. The application fees may be paid by Direct Deposit into the UNES/UON Account,
Barclays Bank, Westlands Branch, A/C No: 03-073-1023948. Bankers’ cheques will also be accepted.

Application forms can also be downloaded from University of Nairobi website: with evidence of payment for the application to be furnished at the time of application forms’ submission. For other Details: Call the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Arts, Tel: 020-318262 Ext. 28146/28218 or ask for the extensions to the respective Departments through Tel: 020-318262 or send E-mail to: or visit this website: Faculty of Arts – Skills to navigate the global village! Or call Degree Programmes Coordinator’s office, Kenya Utalii College, Tel: 020-8563540/1-7 Ext. 8468 or Director of Studies office, on Ext. 8467 or 0722-205891/92 or 0733-410005 or send E-mail to: or visit: Gateway to International Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

1. Except for Hospitality Management lab fees, all other charges will apply for Travel and Tourism Management programme.
2. Details on the cost of uniform for practical lessons will be communicated to successful applicants.
3. The programmes are non-residential and students will be expected to make their own accommodation arrangements.
4. Educational trips will be costed and charged separately.
5. Meals will be charged separately and are optional.
6. Two copies of the application forms duly completed should be submitted to University of Nairobi  and one copy to Kenya Utalii College together with a copy of the application fee receipt.
7. Applicants for Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management are expected to be physically fit given the nature of training.

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